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Throw it away!

Throw it away! I was recently helping my sister pack up her house for a move, and wow!  Papers were hidden everywhere.  We spent a couple of days just sorting through old paper work! At one point she found some very old tax returns, and on the front of the 1984 tax return cover folder was a label saying “Retain These Files: Important Tax Documents.”  She then said, see, you told me to...

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Run Plumas Lake 5K

Terri has done it again! Terri joined one of our clients, ACE Composites, Inc. – one of the corporate sponsors, in the Run Plumas Lake 5K (during tax season no less)!  This run was a fundraiser which benefited the communities of South Yuba County through Rotary Club and helps fund local schools with programs that have been cut due to the state budget crisis.  In the spirit of raising...

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My Sacramento Business Journal Article: It’s time to act on the future

Great leaders are always looking around the corner. So said leadership expert Roseline Torres in a recent TED talk. Leaders give up what has worked in the past and dare to try something new as they prepare their company for what is coming in the future. If the past is an indicator, much of this will be done by seeing where technology is leading us. In looking back at recent technological shifts,...

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My Sacramento Business Journal Article: Taking on debt can be profitable, but ask these questions first

Taking on debt can be profitable, but ask these questions first      Decisions to finance equipment, real estate or other property frequently do not produce the desired profits. When this happens, businesses must rely on accounting and the leveraging of debt to produce greater profits. So how do we know when debt will produce improved results? Before doing the math, you should be...

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TED Talk

I heard this TED talk yesterday, and found it funny & inspiring!  He points out great tools that will help us improve our personal lives as well as our workplace lives.  Hope you get as much from it as I. Here’s the link:...

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Personal Finance: Ten money moves to make before New Year’s

Click here to view the Sacramento Bee Article I am featured in written by Claudia...

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