Experience the confidence of working with knowledgeable professionals.  We offer a full range of tax preparation, tax planning, retirement planning, estate planning, and change scenario evaluation.

How can I reduce my tax burden?

Designing a tax strategy to keep income taxes as low as possible is our goal for our individual tax clients. We inform our clients about tax savings opportunities and effective methods for deferring the recognition of income. As tax laws change frequently, we keep you informed of the changes which will impact your tax return with quarterly newsletters and other updates.

Click here to view our current income tax return preparation fee schedule. Our fees are based on the forms that you need to file. If you can provide us with a copy of your previous year tax return or let us know what schedules you use (ie. 1040 with a schedule A and schedule E etc.) we can let you know exactly what you will pay. With our tax service you receive along with the preparation of your tax return: tax planning for the next tax year, consultation with my financial planning partner to develop a personal financial plan (including annual monitoring meetings), and updates during the year of tax law & other financial changes that might impact you.

How much money will I need to retire?

Your retirement years should be one of the most enjoyable periods of your life. We assist you in designing a plan to make this possible. From analyzing current assets, retirement programs and future needs and benefits, we map out a strategy to take you to your retirement goals.

How do I insure that the maximum amount of my estate goes to my designated heirs and not to the government?

There are many strategies involved in the lowering of estate and gift taxes. Upon reviewing your estate, we recommend those strategies, often utilizing various types of trusts, which will decrease your taxable estate while maintaining income and assets for you and your heirs.

What do I do when things change?

When new opportunities arise, we are available for consultation as to tax consequences of new businesses, purchasing rental property, investment strategies, inheritances and any other event that causes change in your taxes.


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