We empower you with knowledge and tools to protect your assets, grow your business, track performance and make informed decisions.  As part of your team, we work hard and smart for your success.

How does your advice model work?

The focus for our firm is providing relevant advice. Here is how we build a foundation for the advice:

  • We provide industry comparisons for your size business to help you determine the areas that need your attention
  • We bring strategic planning tools to your business which focus your efforts to create the business you want, not the business that just happens.
  • We work with you on your accounting system to insure that it provides you with meaningful reports of your current operations
  • We keep you in compliance with tax reporting (filing income tax returns, payroll returns, 1099 forms etc.)
  • We prepare tax projections and from them offer tax strategies for the business and the shareholders
  • We bring other professionals to the table to provide you guidance on retirement plans, investments, business succession planning, estate planning, corporate contracts, and human resources.

How can I reduce my tax burden for my business?

With your input, we design a plan to lower your income tax and recommend to you the business form that will help you reach your goals, whether that be as a corporation, partnership, sole proprietorship or limited liability company. We prepare and file your tax returns timely. We only extend our business tax returns when it is our client’s preference to do so or when we do not have all the information to complete the return in a timely manner.

How and when should I sell (or transfer) my business?

We guide business owners in the process of developing and implementing an exit strategy. This includes determining how and when you will leave the company, who you will sell to, how you will transfer ownership. If a family member or a key employee is buying the business we provide protection of the plan through a buy-sell agreement and determine the effects of the plan on your estate planning strategy. For family owned businesses, we consult with the current and next generation owners to insure that the business interest is transferred to the next generation with the least tax liability possible, considering estate, gift and income tax consequences of the transfer.

How do I grow my business?

Through a process of strategic planning, industry analysis, setting & prioritizing goals, setting definitive action items and working with you to keep on task; we assist business owners in taking their business to the size and level they desire.

What resources will I need for retirement?

Many small business owners neglect planning for their own retirement. We will recommend and design a retirement plan that makes sense for you, the owners and your employees.

How do I track the business financial performance?

Our aim is to prepare financial statements that are useful for you as a business owner. We will work with you to understand and utilize your financial information as a tool to building a more profitable business.

What if my staff needs accounting support?

We will work with your accounting staff to insure that your internal accounting system provide you with reports that make sense to you and assists you in your business decisions.

How will you bill me?

We believe that our clients should never be surprised by a bill from our office. In that spirit, we will prepare a fixed price agreement (FPA) with all of our business clients. The agreement will set forth the price you will pay for scheduled services for a one year period, and will be reviewed and agreed upon again each year.


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